We provide a comprehensive SaaS Platform that increases the productivity of medical coding and charge capture activities and dramatically reduces cost for care providers.

Today’s broader revenue cycle solutions space is characterized by a wide array of vendors, solutions, and work processes that are often not integrated and synchronized. This ecosystem of solutions, software, data exchange mechanisms and specialized personnel requirements results in confusion, poor data stewardship, re-work and missed billing opportunities.

With the EventCare Platform, licensees of our platform can realize instant improvement in their medical coding, charge capture, deficiency, and clinical documentation improvement initiatives. More importantly, the critical data that is captured and amassed on each patient encounter and related coding and charge capture event is leveraged to provide previously unimagined benefits and insight to hospital executives, clinicians, HIM professionals and patients.

The process of achieving the Triple Aim of improved health, lowered costs, and better care is a significant goal and one that can only be achieved through synchronization of all constituencies, systems and events. There are millions of events occurring each second in today’s modern healthcare delivery system. Event Care exists to orchestrate and bring meaning to these events.

Medical Coding

Care Coordination