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Today’s healthcare delivery networks rely on a cadre of well-trained medical coding professionals to review clinical documentation and assist in translating clinical notes and documentation into billable codes. However, with today’s chaotic mix of infrastructure, systems, software, and lack of interoperability this process of medical coding and the burdens placed on medical coding professionals and their management teams can often turn into an error prone and horribly inefficient process.

EventCare exists to provide a centralized, Internet-Assessable location to dramatically leverage your medical coding activities

Benefits that exist for the clients and medical coding operations that adopt the Event Care Coding Platform include:

  • Balance the Work Load of Your Coding Operations
    With our flexible coding work queues you can optimize your work force, or supplement with our team, and allow them access to only those facilities, sites, or specialties that they are cleared for.
  • Manage Deficient Clinical Documentation Quickly
    We all know that no matter how much education occurs within the clinical arena or how many bug fixes are made to your EMR, there will invariably be patient encounters that arrive to be coded without all the necessary documents and required signatures. Our platform manages this process seamlessly and ensures each deficient encounter is actioned, reviewed and billed.
  • Ensure Absolute Quality and Approach Compliance Preventatively
    Too often quality and compliance are concepts that are thought of in a post-event occurrence. With Event Care coding teams can identify, create and manage their own rules and conditions that are important for their operations and then enforce those scenarios all the time. From monitoring for a specific modifier occurrence, to looking for a combination of high acuity with a traditionally low acuity diagnosis code, each licensee can create custom rules via the rules engine that allows coding activity to be more thoroughly inspected prior to bill drop.
  • Implement Quality Assurance Effortlessly
    With a dynamic quality assurance engine, medical coding personnel can implement a wide range of quality assurance protocols and procedures. Event Care provides the capability to look past quality in a binary way and create custom scoring algorithms based on clients, sites and specialties that help transform coding operations and focus personnel on critical goals of your organization through data collection, visibility and feedback.
  • Gain Critical Insights on Your Coding Team, Clinicians and Patients
    Today’s healthcare executives find themselves in an environment where data is plentiful but meaningful insights are seldom easily assembled. With Event Care we’ve taken the complexity of patient data, coder data, clinical information sets and outcomes and assembled one of the most concise and actionable dashboards around.
  • Leverage Our Team or Just Our Software
    With a sophisticated platform also comes a sophisticated services offering. We recognize that many health care delivery organizations already have large assembled HIM teams to handle daily coding operations. With Event Care you have several options tailored to your unique operating environment. You can choose to license our technologies in a cost-effective transactional framework, or license our technologies and use our certified medical coding personnel in an ad-hoc or full time manner.

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